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  1. We made some changes in our log-in system. You can still use your existing username and password in our Community Forums. But you need to create a new account to access the rest of our site like Arcade Games, Business, Jobs and Classified Ads listings. We’re adding lots of new features in our site, and we believe the benefits outweigh the inconvenience. Read our discussions here.

Changes in (10/1/13)

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by admin, Oct 1, 2013.

  1. admin

    admin Administrator Staff Member

    Changes in

    1. Redesign of our header. We got inspiration from the new look of Yahoo and decided to implement it in our website. Fixed headers and big search boxes are the “in” thing right now.

    2. Splitting subsections of the site into subdomains. (e.g.,,, etc.) This is for SEO purposes and to let users distinguish the functionalities and dashboards on one subdomain from the other.

    3. Implementation of two (2) log in systems. The Community Forums and the rest of the site have separate log ins. This means that if you are logged in in our Community Forums, you still need to log in again when you reach the other subdomains of our site like Business Listing, Jobs, Classified Ads (coming soon). You need to create 2 separate accounts to enjoy what our site offers. We’re sorry for the hassle but we believe the benefits outweigh the inconvenience. We’ll continue to find solution to have a single sign on for our entire site.

    4. Launch of Arcade Games. Now you can play arcade games and compete with fellow users at!

    5. Adding social functionalities across the entire site. You can now view user profiles and activities, add friends, join groups, and send messages to members just like in Facebook.

    If you have any questions or having technical issues with using our site, please feel free to post your queries below. We’ll do our best to make truly a place where fun never ends!

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  2. Xenforo gihapon gamit aning community?
  3. admin

    admin Administrator Staff Member

    Yes Xenforo gihapon. Different skin to match the rest of the site. In a day or two, our site will have a new header look. :)
  4. admin

    admin Administrator Staff Member

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