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One Punch Man(must watch, for project purposes)

Discussion in 'Movies and TV' started by Capt Jack Sparpar, Nov 9, 2015.

  1. Capt Jack Sparpar

    Capt Jack Sparpar New Member Registered

    What makes One-Punch Man so effective is instead of struggling to become the best in the world, salaryman-turned-superhero Saitama struggles to find a worthy opponent in battle. As "The Strongest Man" shows, his entire city is overrun with all sorts of bizarre monsters, yet none of them can withstand a single punch from him. Rather than feeling a sense of satisfaction from being undefeated, Saitama (who's trained so hard his hair has fallen out) feels only boredom.

    That's not to say the battles are boring. On the contrary, snappy direction and aggressive enemies make some of the fights look like a close-run thing. Until of course One-Punch Man blithely appears from the wreckage and destroys his opponents with a vicious right hook.
    One-Punch Man's KOs are accompanied by a great bit of comedic timing so it's very funny and very addictive.

    Some of the jokes may be a little lost on Western audiences, however. There are clever references to things like Japan's low birth-rate and the drudgery of being a salaryman, but these jokes may fail to land with those not already familiar with Japanese culture. Even so, the humor behind Saitama's ongoing search for a worthy opponent is immediately apparent no matter where a person is from.

    One Punch Man's first episode is a great mix of action and comedy, supported by original (see: weird) character designs and solid animation quality. If you're looking for the next big thing in anime, this is it.

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