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Discussion in 'Travel' started by Harper Jones Undag, Sep 17, 2015.

  1. Harper Jones Undag

    Harper Jones Undag New Member Registered

    10. Catch the magnificent sunset at the Dipolog City Boulevard
    - Pag gutom na, lahos dayun sa barbequehan or katong ginatawag nilag chicken2x plus daghang tawo which i think can make you feel safe since you can call for help if ever ma snatchan ka or something that sort, though nothing happened of that kind that i heard off.

    9. Hear mass at the Holy Rosary Cathedral
    - simba simba pag may time!! :angelic:

    8. Test youfr endurance at the Linabo Peak.
    - Perfect place if your'e looking for extra challenge. Bring your friends with you if want. Habog kaayu sya to the point nga ang yuta ug clouds mag abot!! :) Pwede sad ka mag camping sa taas. Plus nice kau ang view, makita nimu ang tibouk polog. If you want to see lots of people there, taymingag semana santa.

    7. Sample the best Halo halo in Dipolog at Lennie’s / Julie's.
    - I've never been there before but daghang tawo ang nag ingon nga nice diadto, i dont know if these place is till in business though. Naay nice pod nga halohaloan sa boulevard, 60 pesos lang daun pure prutas and stuff(saging, watermelon, manga, nangka, ug uban pa.) diadto rapod dapit sa chickenchiken.

    6. Shop for Fresh seafoods at the Dipolog City Public Market.
    - Oh yeah!!!:woot: if nahan ka maka mura, this is the place you'd want to go. By the way, tag 9 na ang plete if mubayad kag pedicab sa siodad.

    5. Experience Dipolog Black Sand Beaches
    - fact: limpyo na kaung dagat karon if imung i compare sya before mga year 2000 maybe.

    4. Hunting for the Best Ukay Ukay Bargain.
    - Never tried this before but if I have the time and money, I'll certainly do this! Its fun and you can save some money... chaciiing!!
    Spots: seaport, daun katong okay okayan dapit sa mall.

    3. Take a stroll around the Plaza Magsaysay.
    - If you're looking for a quick snack, you should be there past 2pm. Tempura, kickiam ug fishball plus buko juice!! yum! yum!

    2. Enjoy the Simplicity of the Dipolog Nightlife.
    - Best time to hang out with friends, dili init, dili pajud ka ma itom. If bar is what your looking for, you'll find many of it here. If you are like me who wants a good time and nice gaming time, you should go to animitrix. The best place that i can recommend. Its just across the road from sea view hotel. You will find me there often, just often.. long-nose-smileyOk I lied! most of the time.

    1. Lose Yourself in the City Streets.
    - Tantararaaaaaan!! number 1!!!. hahahah. If your new here in dipolog most likely ma wala jud ka. But dont be afraid, you shouldn't be, just call my name, i mean pedicab drivers, they will take you to any place you want considering you have the money. (they tend to ask for more if your destination is off the city)

    sorry for the long post!!! hihi :tongue:
    Last edited: Sep 18, 2015
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