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Wanted: English speaker - pays $15 USD per hour

Discussion in 'Work' started by Reegyna Bunquin, Dec 25, 2016.

  1. Reegyna Bunquin

    Reegyna Bunquin New Member Registered

    We need people who can dictate in English (grammatically correct and must make sense - all original text) based on an outline that person wrote based on a keyword we supply.


    We'll send you information, you write an outline for each speech, you record your original speech into mp3 files, you upload, we pay you.

    Get paid $15 per hour or P700+ per hour

    We pay via paypal or direct bank transfer

    Perfect grammar
    Clear speaking voice - ACCENT IS OKAY but must not be so thick we can't understand you easily
    Solid outline that uses a LIST format for each keyword
    Outline must have solid information
    No plagiarized text in your outline

    Payout is $15 per hour or P700+ per hour

    We will probably need speakers to work 2 to 3 hours per day depending on volume.

    To apply, please do the 2 steps below. The 2 steps below test your ability to follow instructions. You need to be able to follow instructions to do this freelance project.

    Step 1: Click the reply button in this post and post your location in the Philippines, how many hours you can do this project daily, and how many brownouts your area has in a month.

    Step 2: Send the email below

    email the address below to get on our notification list

    Once you've confirmed, email the url of this post and your user name to with the title SEND ME SCREENING INFO FOR $15 USD SPEAKER

    Your abilities will be tested to ensure you have the proper skills and efficiency to do this freelance project.

    We need responsible people who can deliver within 24 hours of assignments.
  2. Irah gadingan

    Irah gadingan New Member Registered

    Im from Bagting Dapita city, Zamboanga del Norte. I can work 8 hours daily. As i had observe in a month it is seldom to have a blackout in our area. Once or twice only, it depends on the weather condition.
  3. Reegyna Bunquin

    Reegyna Bunquin New Member Registered

    Just follow the next step and you'll surely get the chance. Hurry now. Don't wait too long.

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